Stop worrying about things you cannot change!

I am writing this with the hope that not only will other people take my advice, but hopefully I will take my own advice too. 

Although I am quite an upbeat person, I like to think that my brain has too many tabs open. I always end up worrying about something when I’m alone and gathering my thoughts, and that doesn’t sit right with me.

Will there be a nuclear apocalypse in the next few months? Is my boyfriend going to get the job he so desperately wants? What if something happens to me tomorrow and it’s really bad?

I know to others these might seem silly, but thoughts like these are constantly running through my head and it drives me absolutely insane!

You’re probably already thinking “You can’t control what happens! Just forget about it and live for now!” Usually, I’d say that any advice is great advice. However, in this case, it doesn’t help. At all… But thanks anyway!

I am going to set you a task, to show you how it can be a struggle to control your thoughts. Take a look at this image below:

Aw look! Cute penguins!

Now, here’s your next task. After looking at this image of penguins, try not to think about them. Yup, I’m seriously asking you to try not to think about penguins… I’ll wait.

I can guarantee that more than half of you are now thinking about penguins. This works the same with trying to stop worrying.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that it takes a lot of time and space in your mind to worry. It’s also incredibly unhealthy and can be a cause of anxiety. Worrying really does ruin a lot of things for you. You could be strapped safely into a roller-coaster with no escape and then stop enjoying yourself halfway around because you’re worried it’s going to break down. It probably won’t but you’re still going to ruin your ride for yourself just because you’re worried. I know, I feel ya!

With this being said I came to a moment today where I thought about how stupid it is, that I can’t even enjoy my Sunday evening without worrying about the unknown. For some people, cutting these thoughts out does work and I am incredibly jealous!

BUT if you’re anything like me, you might need some other suggestions. So without further a do, please find below, a list of things that we can try together. Let’s try and put this worrying thing to bed once and for all!



How to stop worrying and start living!


1- Accept that you can’t control what happens and learn to appreciate that.

Life is supposed to be unpredictable. It would be incredibly boring if we knew exactly what was coming next. The only perk of knowing the future is that you’d know what numbers to choose when buying your lottery ticket.

The whole point of life is to take risks and thrive off the idea that you don’t know what’s about to happen. Learn to throw yourself into your hobbies and goals. Achieve your dreams and try your best in everything you do. All anyone can do is their best and what happens after that? It’s fate’s decision.


2. If it’s eating you up inside, talk to someone you trust.

If you keep your worries trapped inside your head, there’s no doubt that they’ll escalate and become much bigger than they were. Talking about what’s on your mind can sometimes make you realise just how silly you’re being. Discussing your worries with someone you trust can help you to understand whether the issue is actually worth worrying about. Chances are, you’ll feel good after unloading the weight on your shoulders!

3. Practice mindfulness (check out my previous blog).

Simple meditations are the perfect way to clear your head and re-evaluate how you’re feeling. Click here to see my previous blog on mindfulness, I promise you it’s worth it!

4. Distractions are a great help.

Is it driving you insane? Get up and go do something completely unrelated – it’ll force you to think about something else! Choose a hobby and immerse yourself in it. When I want to escape from the world, I’ll always head off on a walk with my earphones in. Music on = worries out.

5. Exercise!

Exercise will make you feel good regardless of how you’re feeling. It stimulates your brain and releases endorphin’s that make you feel better! To save you from reading the boring science behind it, i’ll move on. Exercise has so many benefits for you and I can guarantee that if you work hard enough, you’ll be far too focused on catching your breath than what you were worrying about!


There you have it. I put these together after a lot of research and I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll give them a try. Maybe you should try them too!


Let me know your thoughts!


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